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A Phew Services - Counselling Services

My name is Anthony Wood, and I am the owner and C.E.O of a phew services ltd. I am a fully qualified counsellor. I have years of experience in many different aspects of complex mental health. I have worked with both children and adults within schools, hospitals, agencies, and charities providing mental health services. I run both youth and adult groups, programs and training throughout the year and have a lot of experience with client work.

I understand that taking the first steps to begin counselling may be daunting for some and that is why I prioritize the need for a warm, non-judgmental, empathic, and confidential environment that provides you with a safe space to talk openly about your thoughts, feelings, and experience of life.

I facilitate your needs whether it be home visits, online sessions, walking therapy or my counselling rooms based on the Wirral. I can work with ages starting from 12 upwards and welcome anyone to access my services.

Qualifications in counselling: 

I am fully qualified as an integrative counsellor which means I can use different types of approaches, but I will always start the session person-centered. This means to build trust and a working relationship, I let you lead me into your experience and let you prioritise your concerns while I listen and ask open questions when needed. This technique helps think about your answers and empowers you to reflect and explore your past or present problems. After a few sessions, we will work together to agree on what counselling approach would be most beneficial and appropriate and we will work towards progress, growth, and closure.

I can offer help with the following subjects:  

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Bereavement, Loss, Abuse, Health related issues, confidence and Self-esteem, Co-parenting, relationship issues, work-related issues, stress, trauma, social media, Peer pressure, School problems, Self-harming or suicidal thoughts, overthinking, negative thoughts, phobias, addictions, Neurodiversity, Infertility, personal development, acceptance, self-image, and identity issues.

I have worked with and have training in the following subjects: 

Child and adult counselling, Trauma, bereavement, and loss training, neurodiversity, LGBTQIA+ training, Cognitive behavioural therapy, transactional analysis, Psychodynamics, Safeguarding adults and children, Conflict resolution, Dementia awareness, Drug and alcohol addiction, Suicide Prevention, Gambling, and gaming awareness, sand play therapy, Psychological first aid, Empowerment programs, co-parenting, domestic abuse, crime, Anxiety in children, anger management, relationship building, Depression.


Insurance and checks: 

I am fully insured to run a private practice for counselling, and I am also a proficient member of the BACP which stands for The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. The Association sets and maintains standards for the profession which follows an ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

My certificates are up to date and include an enhanced DBS certificate, safeguarding children and adults certificate, food hygiene and allergy, and an enhanced first-aid certificate.

How to access: 

Please Fill out a referral form at the top of the page. Once I have received this, I will contact you to arrange your free consultation call. If you need assistance filling this out, I would be happy to help, You would just need to call our contact number and select option one.

Your free 20-minute consultation over the phone is to answer any questions you may have and to gain a better understanding of what you hope to achieve from the counselling sessions. If I am not proficient enough in a certain area of work, I can help signpost or refer you to someone who can help if requested. If you feel that I am not the right counsellor for you after the call, I completely understand and would not feel offended.

During the call, we will both need to be in a private and safe space to talk about confidential and ethical reasons behind what you would like to disclose.

Suppose you wish to access my counselling services. In that case, we will sign an agreement together on your first session which will have all the information about the legal and ethical procedures that we would be agreeing to while working together. A copy of this can be found at the top of the page.

We can negotiate flexible days and times to cater to your work, social, or family life.

Bookings are only confirmed with a deposit. I will always provide you with an invoice to pay and confirmation after payment and the date and time of the session with the full address.

Payments can be made through bank transactions or cash on the day however the full balance must be paid before the start of the session.

My waiting list is limited, so my availability and sessions need to be prioritised. This means you need to be able to commit to the sessions to make progress. The deposit can only be carried over to a different date or time if agreed and I would need at least 24 hours of cancelation notice before your session is due to start.


Each counselling session is 60 minutes duration, and my fees are £60 a session.

I also offer a set of block sessions for a discounted rate of £45. This means you can pay upfront for 8 – 12 sessions for a lower rate.

For more information feel free to call me on 0151 203 4455 and select option 1.

You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Last of all, you can find me on the BACP website.

If you’re in distress, need immediate help, or feel like ending your life, please call 999, go to A&E, or call  Samaritans Helpline on 116-123. 

Remember: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, you may feel in a dark place but there is always help and people who want to listen and support you in any way possible. The comeback is always greater than the setback and here at PHEW Counselling we pride ourselves in helping you see the light again.